Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good day

Well, today was pretty good and busy. I started off at the follow up Dr. and he said that it looks like I won't need surgery and that I should continue with the physical therapy and prescribed some pills and some medicated pads for my back. So right after that I went to the physical therapy and that helped a little bit more after wards, went home for lunch and immediately put stuck the pad on my back and took one of the pills. Also, turned on the TV and found out Congress denied the bailout bill, We the people have spoken, we can do it. I went to work for the afternoon and was able to work an hour over to make up for last week and my back made it though ok, I just have to be careful since I'm still on light duty, no bending, picking things up, or anything. So, hopefully tomorrow will be the same. I think the reason why my back got up to a "10" last week was because I did to much physical therapy, morning, at the PT place around lunch time and then in the evening, so now I'm just going to take it easy and maybe just once a day and see how that goes. So far it's looking good :)


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