Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, like most people in my country, the USA, I watched the Democratic National Convention in Denver this evening, I watched it on TV on CNN and also via Twitter on the computer. I have to say his speech was pretty darn good. I am not a Democrat OR a Republican. I for sure will NOT vote for McCain, however, as a Independent, I am still undecided on who to chose this November. So you say if I don't vote for McCain then who else? I originally was going to vote for Republican Ron Paul for I believe in a lot of his views, but as of July he is no longer in the race for this term at least, but I was still thinking of "writing in" his name on a absentee ballot, which can be done. Or voting for Obama. Some people would say "don't throw your vote away on someone that won't win", But that's not right. Your actually throwing away your vote if you vote for someone that YOU don't actually agree with, but because "everyone else is". It's like that saying if everyone else jumps off the bridge would you? So, I stand undecided for now. But, after tonight's speech Obama looks like he could sway me towards him. I hope everything he say's is true, but there's conspiracy's out there (just like McCain) that say he could just be somewhat of a puppet (like G.W. Bush) and their could be a bigger thing behind him, ie. corporations or someone that would actually make the decisions, (like Cheney). I don't know to much about Biden, I like how he takes the Amtrak to DC, but there's something about him, not sure what, but something that's not right. I hope I'm wrong and they ARE the best team to run the country, but that's the cool thing about this New Media, we can make it better by checking the candidates to make sure their up to par. Obama comes somewhat from the same ways that I grew up with. It was him, his Single Mom, and Sister with help from his Grandparents who all made sure he and his Sister went to good schools, sounds a lot like my life. So, yes I still have a lot of research to do on them, just like every American should do, not just Independents but Democrats and Republicans. Research, research, research, don't just rely on mainstream media, because mainstream media CAN control us, but WE can fight back. God Bless America :)


Blogger Gia said...

Hi Scott I agree with you on this post especially your bottom line.

Gwendolyn Allen "Google Me"

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