Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, the weekend is coming to an end. I did not do much for 1. I was resting my back trying to get it better and 2. most of my family is clear across the country on the other coast, so I watched the Olympics and did a lot of thinking. I've come to realized I need to be closer, not necessary in the same city, but closer to family members. Most people here in Las Vegas move here either with family or have family already here so it's easier to adjust with family support. I do not, which is why I find it difficult. So, now the question is where do I go, So. Cal, or somewhere on the East coast of the US or Toronto? So, now the job search will begin, again. (I am Second on the list for a Government job here in 'Vegas, financialy it is good and the people there are really cool so if I get that I'm not sure what to do). But first I have to get my back healthy again, and then 'blog world' is happening Sept. 20 so I'm thinking of attending that and do some networking to find a job through the many social networks that I'm on instead of the traditional ways ie. and, I do know in order to do that I have to work on my verbal communication and break out of this shyness stuff. I've realized my strongest communication skill is writing so I'm going to try to blog more here not just micro blogging like on twitter. I have also going to brush up on my web design skills for my newest project, Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading and have a awesome week ahead. :)


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