Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, I went to New Media Expo today and it was pretty cool. I saw the keynote with Epic Fu ( and attended the seminar with and strayform on crowd sourcing, I got some cool links on how to fund a project. I also toured the floor and looked at all the booths with some cool software, however I noticed it was mostly focused on podcasts/videoblogs that want to make money from it. Which is good, money is always nice, but there's also a part of blogging/podcasts that's cool just for hobby, I don't know, maybe it's me, but there wasn't much community like at past Expos. Although, I was just there on Saturday, I missed Thurs. & Fri. because of work. There was one seminar, the last one, with Steve Garfield ( he had a really good show, in explaining how to produce content from your mobile and get it online, pretty interesting. I'm actually thinking of getting a Flip Camera and trying out my hand in video blogging. What does everyone else think of this years New Media Expo? Should it be in 'Vegas next year? If so or not should it be in August? it was VERY hot! Let's discuss in the comments.


Blogger Steve Garfield said...

Hi Scott,

Glad to hear you are thinking about trying videoblogging...

Let me know when you put some video up.

5:51 PM  

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