Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good day

Well, today was pretty good and busy. I started off at the follow up Dr. and he said that it looks like I won't need surgery and that I should continue with the physical therapy and prescribed some pills and some medicated pads for my back. So right after that I went to the physical therapy and that helped a little bit more after wards, went home for lunch and immediately put stuck the pad on my back and took one of the pills. Also, turned on the TV and found out Congress denied the bailout bill, We the people have spoken, we can do it. I went to work for the afternoon and was able to work an hour over to make up for last week and my back made it though ok, I just have to be careful since I'm still on light duty, no bending, picking things up, or anything. So, hopefully tomorrow will be the same. I think the reason why my back got up to a "10" last week was because I did to much physical therapy, morning, at the PT place around lunch time and then in the evening, so now I'm just going to take it easy and maybe just once a day and see how that goes. So far it's looking good :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr.'s experiance

Well, today was a real pain in the you know what. I had an appointment for 10:20am at the Dr.'s office and I showed up at 10am (early as usual) how ever I did not get into the exam room until 11:15, then after the nurse did the blood pressure and all that stuff, I waited until 11:45 before the Dr. came into the room, I had to step out into the hall and ask the nurse "did they forget about me". He came in, oh yea a different Dr. than who I saw last time, I was told to see the Dr. I saw last time and I told the appointment lady that, so when this other Dr. came in I said "who are you" Well, he said the Dr. I was supposed to see was off, "he schedule me on his day off, so he started looking at my results from the MRI and was telling me what was wrong and then said "so where in your neck does it hurt"???? I said my neck, no, it's my lower back, and he said so you don't have any pain in your neck or shoulder as he is looking at the result paper, I said No, it's my lower back in the middle, he said they faxed someone else's results with my name on it from March of '07, yea Unbelievable. So, he went and called the place and they said they would re fax it and he came back and said I should come back on Tuesday, Well, I said absolutely NO!! this is getting resolved TODAY, and I quickly pulled up my phone and called the MRI place and talked to them, they said they were waiting for the dictograph place to refax it to them and then they would re fax it to the Dr.'s I asked when that would be and they said some time today, but didn't say a time, so I'm very heated now, and the nurse came in and took me to the discharge waiting area, I waited about 3 minutes then I just walked out (ok stormed out) without seeing them. I sat there in my car, thinking, I was so mad I was shaking and my face felt like there were pins and needles on it, I was so furious. Then I decided I'm going to get the MRI results myself so I drove clear across on the other side of town in the North West area (about 12 miles away) to the MRI place, and asked for the results (film and the report) about five minutes later I had them, I didn't even want to argue with them, because who knows were that would lead to, I got the results and thats all that mattered, besides it was 1:00pm now, and I still haven't had lunch I just wanted to get back on the other side of town to the Dr.'s office. When I got there they were going to have me wait again, and I said "I have to wait over an hour AGAIN" so she went in the back and talked to the Dr. and he then brought me right in and went over the results and basically said I have a mild osteophyte/disc complex at L4/L5 and mild to moderate degenerative facet changes, not sure what all that means, be he recommended physical therapy and for me to see a neurosurgeon that did the back surgery on me back in '06 and gave me a 'script for oxycodone 650 MG. So, then I drove to the other end of town in the South East to the neurosurgeon's office, with films in hand (just in case) to see if I can get a appointment with him, I couldn't (it was now going on 3:00pm) but the earliest I could get a appointment was on October 15th in the morning, so I made it, but from what I experienced with THIS Dr. you can usually call back and see if there's any cancellation's to get in sooner. So, that's that, if I would of just waited like the Dr. said I would still be waiting for Tuesday to come for the results, you pretty much have to do EVERYTHING your self even if it means driving across town to get something. So, hopefully I can get to see the back Dr. sooner and in the mean time hopefully the Physical therapy will help get rid of this pain. I'm trying to speed this up for I have 30 day's, because that's what a manager at my job has given me to get well for a permanent position, which I'm grateful for, other wise he has to skip me and move to the next person on the list so he doesn't lose the position, which I can't blame him. He could of just skipped me now, but since I'm working there as a contractor they know me and are giving me a break, which I'm very thankful for. So, Next week I'll be busy calling people again. Stay tuned....

Sunday, September 07, 2008

History Hacker